the 28th semi-annual NE Materials show

The Aleppo Shriners Auditorium

Wilmington, MA

99 Fordham Road, Wilmington, MA 01887

March 6 & 7, 2019

NE Show Program


Wednesday, March 6, 2019                                                   9:00a.m–5:00p.m.

Coffee and Tea                                                                        8:00a.m–10:00a.m

             Socio-cultural & Aesthetic Trends for FW20-21 and beyond

by PECLERS Paris                                                                10:00a.m–11:00am

Lunch                                                                                      12:00a.m–1:00p.m

Coffee and Tea                                                                        2:00p.m–4:00p.m

Evening Reception                                                                  5:00p.m–7:00p.m

      Thursday, March 7, 2019                                                9:00a.m–4:00p.m.

FDRA Footwear Innovation Working Group Meeting

FDRA MEMBERS ONLY: please join us at this important meeting (At the NE Materials Show) to look at key issues impacting our industry and innovations providing solutions.

We will discuss 3D issues – software, implementation, standards, etc. as well as discuss new sustainability initiatives changing how we design and produce shoes.

Register Here: FDRA MEMBERS ONL                                8:00a.m–4:00p.m

             Coffee and Tea                                                           8:00a.m–10:00a.m

                     Lunch                                                             12:00a.m–1:00p.m