ROLLKIN SYSTEM: Do not tie your shoelaces by hand, use the dial that can be tightened.

– Commercialization: Possibility of commercialization by partnering with shoe companies in manufacturing shoes. You can achieve a marketing effect by displaying the CI and BI.

– Convenience: Eliminates the inconvenience of tying shoelaces by hand, Finest dial adjustment is possible, Wires can be used to wear them safely.

– Originality: Reinforced products that do not untie even if the consumer adjusts the wires at once.

– Competitive Price: We are currently delivering to buyers around the world with excellent quality competitiveness and reasonable prices.

– Popularization: ROLLKIN SYSTEM is a product that can be delivered in small quantities and is easy to apply.

– Versatility: Fits all types of shoes and can be used on bags, hats, and clothing.