Terms and Conditions: Exhibitors
American Events, Inc. has established the following polices and regulations for the NW, NE, and SoCal
Apparel and Footwear Materials Shows (the “Show”) ***************************************
All participating exhibitors are required to purchase a booth for every event they attend, or they may
purchase non-exhibiting supplier ticket ($495.00 per person) to walk the other show.
Booth Package for a typical 10 X 10 booth: Exhibitor package includes: 8′ drapery along back of booth, 3′
high drapery on both sides;7″ x 44″ sign stating Company name; one 6′ draped table, four chairs, one
wastebasket, and booth carpet. Decorator Packet will be sent upon confirmation of your application.
Exhibitor is entitled to 4 show passes (name badges) per 10 X 10 ft booth.  Additional name badges
are $50 each.
⇒ Additional Company ID:  ONLY one company per 10 X 10 booth is allowed. If an exhibitor is sharing
a booth space with another company, an additional $1500 fee will be required. Second company ID
sign and 2 more chairs will be included.
CANCELLATION: Booth fee is fully refundable for up to 5 business days after booth confirmation to
vendor from American Events, Inc. No refunds after the five business days of said policy. In the event
any Show is cancelled for any reason whatsoever more than sixty (60) days prior to the scheduled
Show, American Events, Inc. will refund exhibitor seventy percent (70%) of the Booth fee. If any Show
is cancelled for any reason whatsoever within than sixty (60) days of the scheduled Show, American
Events, Inc. will not refund any Booth fee.
HOTEL RESERVATION: Please see Accommodation link.
BOOTH ASSIGNMENT: Booths are assigned on first come first served basis. All exhibitors who
participated in the past show (s) have the first right to pick the same booth location as previously
assigned. Their booth space (s) is held for 5 business days after open registration begins. Full payment
must be received with a complete online application. Show management has the right to adjust floor
plan and move exhibitors as deemed necessary.
SHIPPING AND HANDLING: All participating vendors are responsible for their own shipping costs.
Exhibitors may choose their own corporate shipper; or use our show decorator below to facilitate arrival
of their samples and or specialty booths, or other products. American Events, Inc. is NOT responsible for
shipping charges or any other costs or delays associated with said transactions. Services available:
Facility services including audio visual, lighting and electrical and other utilities, telephone, internet
connections, WI-FI, booth cleaning and porter service, which may be ordered by speaking to a events
manager or Materials Show staff. Email us at info@americanevents.com. Show Decorator: SER Expo.
Exhibitor Kit will be emailed upon booth confirmation.
WAIVER: The exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility and liability for losses, damage and claims
arising out of Exhibitor’s activities at the convention center in the exhibit hall premises, will indemnify
and defend and hold harmless the convention center, its agents, servants and employees from any and
all such losses, damages and claims. If violations of any of these rules or by the existence of any
condition not known to American Events, Inc. occurs. American Events, Inc. reserves the right of
canceling or closing booth(s) space assigned with no legal or financial liability whatsoever to be incurred

by American Events, Inc. No entertainment will be permitted that will disrupt the normal course of doing
business at the show. Written approval of American Events, Inc. must be obtained prior to the
distribution of all publications, advertising materials, signs, etc. Please no balloons with helium. All
vendors are required to comply with Fire Marshal and show regulations with regard to booth setup. To
be fair to your neighboring booths, all chairs must NOT block isles, and sidewalls for single and double
booths should not exceed 8′ in height and 4′ out from back of booth, and 3′ high and 6′ deep from main
isles. For visual clarification, please contact us info@americanevents.com
Please treat all attendees with common courtesy and respect. No high-pressure sales. The directories for
the shows will be as accurate as possible. American Events, Inc. will not be responsible for any
inaccuracies or omissions. Very important: All vendors are required to exhibit for the duration of the
show. All Exhibitors must not tear down before 4:00pm on Last day of the show. Violators of this rule
will be penalized the amount of $1,000 and or will not be invited to future shows.