American Events Exhibitor Terms and Regulations/Contract

Terms and Conditions: Exhibitors

American Events, Inc. has established the following policies and regulations for the NW, NE, and SoCal Apparel and Footwear Materials Shows, (The Materials Show):

Booth Package and Assignment

  • All participating exhibitors are required to purchase a booth for every event they attend, or they may purchase a non-exhibiting supplier ticket ($1000.00 per person) to walk the other show.
  • Booths are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Exhibitors who participated in past shows have the first right to pick the same booth location as previously assigned, held for 5 business days after open registration begins.

Cancellation Policy

  • Booth fee is fully refundable for up to 5 business days after booth confirmation to the vendor from American Events, Inc. No refunds after the five business days of said policy.

Shipping and Handling

  • All participating vendors are responsible for their own shipping costs. American Events, Inc. is not responsible for shipping charges or any other costs or delays associated with transactions.

Waiver and Liability

  • The exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility and liability for losses, damages, and claims arising out of exhibitor’s activities at the convention center and will indemnify and hold harmless the convention center and American Events, Inc. from any such losses, damages, and claims.
  • American Events, Inc. reserves the right to cancel or close booth(s) space assigned and/or the show (Force Majeure) with no legal or financial liability whatsoever to be incurred by American Events, Inc.

Compliance and Conduct

  • Exhibitors are required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including those governing intellectual property, health and safety, and data protection.
  • Exhibitors shall respect the intellectual property rights of others and refrain from any unauthorized use of intellectual property.

Dispute Resolution

  • In the event of a dispute, parties agree to resolve the dispute amicably through negotiation or, if necessary, through binding arbitration in a specified location.

Badge Policy and Identity Verification

  • Each individual attending the event is required to wear their own badge, which must be visible at all times while on the show floor. Badge sharing is strictly prohibited, and all individuals may be subject to identity verification. Violation of this policy may result in penalties including removal from the event and prohibition from attending future events organized by American Events, Inc.

Updates to Terms and Conditions

  • American Events, Inc. reserves the right to update these terms and conditions at any time, with updates communicated to exhibitors in a timely manner.