If you wish to submit a material or service for consideration, please use this form and submit by June 30th

The Trend Area is a dedicated showcase at The Materials Show that highlights the latest innovations in Circularity, Sustainability, and Bio Materials. It aims to display materials and components that go above and beyond in terms of incorporating recycled or bio-based/biodegradable materials, reducing waste or water consumption, utilizing deadstock materials, and demonstrating closed-loop production and end-of-life planning.

To submit your materials, let us know of your interest in participating by June 15th. Please fill out this form for the materials you wish to send. If chosen, you will receive instructions for the preparation and mailing of your materials. All materials need to be received by The Materials Show by July 7th at the absolute latest.

The submission process for services is almost identical to material submission. Please fill out this form for the materials you wish to send. If chosen, we will ask you to provide an A4 sheet (unless provided via the submission link!) to be printed and displayed as a placard.

Priority will be given to the most innovative and beneficial materials. Additionally, early submissions will receive additional consideration. The Trend Area focuses on showcasing materials that embody or demonstrate current trends in Sustainability, Circularity, and Bio Materials. Examples of desired features include an above-average amount of clean, recycled, or bio-based materials, significantly reduced or zero waste processes, and circularity or end-of-life planning.

You can submit up to six different samples, trimmed to 2 A4s in size for each show (if exhibiting in both the NE and NW show). If exhibiting at only one show, you send a single A4 per sample. Entire catalogs or swatchbooks will not be considered.

Please Complete the Material/Service Submission Form for each material that you’ll be submitting

Ensure all materials are clearly marked with the label created once you fill out the form. Print and staple or adhere one label to each sample.

Send the samples, along with the attached label, to the following address by June 7th:

The Materials Show
American Events, Inc.
18037 SW Ingrid
Beaverton, OR 97007

You may include additional informational material not exceeding the size of an A4 or an 8.5 x 11 paper. This space can be used to describe what makes your product special in terms of sustainability, circularity, or bio materials.

We will accept sample sizes of any product with a relative size similar to that of an A4 or smaller. Oversized materials will be ineligible for display. If your innovation is a process rather than a physical sample, you can reach out to our team for a more in-depth consideration of how best to display if your offering is selected.

If you wish to retrieve your samples, a Materials Show staffer will be available to assist you in the trend area after 2:30 pm local time on the second show day. Any unclaimed materials will be donated to a local craft recycling non-profit.

If you have any additional questions or need clarification, email us at mtrlshow@americanevents.com, subject line “Trend Area.”

Submissions for the Trend Area are due by June 30th.Materials are due by July 7th