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Anil Moorjani
+852 23142055
Ace Trims has been producing garment trims & packaging since 1999, offering state-of-the-art digital solutions and logistical services for the fashion & retail industry. Headquartered in Hong Kong, We have production in Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Turkey, Bangladesh & Thailand. Ace is not just a manufacturer of trims and packaging, but a partner to our customers. We commit ourselves to work closely with our customers throughout the process, from development to delivery of their products. We produce all accessories from hangtags to packaging, that is high quality, fit for purpose, functional and adds value to any product. Our goal is to produce products with the least impact on the environment, and promote materials that are made from recyclable material, or sustainable sources or can be biodegradable. If everyone, however little, contributes to the sustainability of our planet Earth, and its natural resources, it will make a huge impact to the health of our planet. Sustainable production means adopting activities and processes that meet the needs of protecting, sustaining, and enhancing the natural resources, this will always be our main focus. Our factories are equipped with low carbon emission equipment, air and water filtration systems. Where possible, we reduce, recycle and reuse materials to ensure minimum wastage. With full in-house dyeing and lab facilities, we have vertical control over quality. We don't leave anything to chance.
NW Booth: 822
NE Booth: 211
Millie Weathers
A&E, a portfolio brand of Elevate Textiles, is the world’s foremost manufacturer and distributor of premium quality industrial and consumer sewing thread, embroidery thread and technical textiles. A&E's dedication to providing its customers with the finest products and services, at the highest quality, delivered globally and steadfast commitment to superior quality and customer service make A&E the preferred thread supplier. Learn more on A&E’s corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability initiatives, comprehensive product offerings, and global locations at
NW Booth: 415
NE Booth: 621
Barney Qiu
+86 136 0070 0965
ANAN was established in 2008. Now we have two production bases all over the world.
ANAN (China) Co., Ltd. is located in Fujian Province, China, with more than 1,000 workers and 6 Wet PU production lines, 5 Dry PU production lines, and five microfiber production lines.
ANAN (Vietnam) New Technology Investment Co., Ltd. is located in Vung Tau, southern Vietnam. There are currently two DMFa Free production lines with 100 workers, which can supply various PU synthetic/PU microfiber/TPU materials with high quality.
ANAN is committed to becoming the most valuable synthetic leather brand globally and looks forward to growing with all customers.
NW Booth: 513
NE Booth: 608
Deborah Dryden
Same as last year
NW Booth: 521, 523
NE Booth: 513
Arden Yeh
+886 955 311 450
Established in Taiwan in 1995, by working closely with our customers over the years, Artech
Packaging Manufacturing Solutions (ARTECHPMS) has built a rich and professional portfolio
in packaging design and manufacturing, and has grown from a packaging provider to a
global packaging solutions provider.
Global Supply
Our extensive customer base across the globe allows us to expand our supply chain from
Taiwan, China, to South East Asia, enabling us to have a better knowledge of the market
trend, and taking us a step closer to really understand what we can do to help solve our
customers’ problems in different parts of the world.
Local Manufacturing
We understand how much local support and services means to our customers, which is why
we have sales team and technicians based in all our production sites to provide response
within 24hrs.
One-Stop Shopping
The devotion to satisfying customers’ packaging demands drives us to explore various
industries in order to find the best solutions. Therefore, by integrating our expertise and
supply chain resources accumulated from the past, we are able to offer our customers a
one-stop shopping service.
NW Booth: 913
NE Booth: 217
Jack Sommers
ASBM (Alpha Shoe & Bag Materials Group) represents several top suppliers from Asia specializing in footwear and accessories materials. Industry veterans Jim Mann and Mike Chao run operations in Asia, overseeing all development and production related matters. Jack Sommers handles customer service in the United States. As a group we provide professional and responsive service while providing Brands new and innovative materials
NW Booth: 119, 121
NE Booth: 96
Gordon Wemmitt
Auburn Lace, recently acquired by ISA TanTec, has been manufacturing laces for over 150 years. We offer specifically designed, genuine leather rawhide laces in many aniline drum dyed options. In addition to specialty and decorative laces that are engineered for function.
NW Booth: 217
NE Booth: 413
Robert White
Audia Elastomers, An Audia® Company, is a leading provider of innovative elastomers solutions worldwide. We design our materials to look better, perform better, and be better than traditional TPE, TPV, TPU, or TPEE. Our team’s unmatched passion and creativity can bring your vision to life through custom solutions and innovative technologies, and we pride ourselves on being flexible and responsive to your needs throughout the process. Our manufacturing locations are in LaFayette, Georgia; Shenzhen, China; and our new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Changshu, China. With a growing global footprint, Audia Elastomers is a true partner in your success. For more information, visit
NW Booth: 1022
NE Booth: 518
Baiksan, first established in 1984 in Korea, is a top leader in synthetic leather across footwear and other mass manufacturing industries and has focused on developing advanced technology in synthetic leather including, but not limited to, Polyurethane, Suede, Films, Special Finishes etc. Baiksan has since expanded to many sample/production locations across Asia (China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia), and has established a dedicated US Sales office. Baiksan is famous for sustainable/environmentally friendly material options, L4L (local for local), support and capacity, timely delivery, cost effective, high quality synthetic leather materials and places great focus on innovation through investment in personnel and technologically advanced equipment/machinery.
NW Booth: 610, 612
NE Booth: 514
Phil Goldberg
Whether you are crafting a quality dress shoe or a durable work boot, Barbour can design a welting specifically tailored to your needs. Our leather welts are cut from that portion of the vegetable tanned shoulder that meets your flexibility criteria.

We also offer “leather board” welt which gives a similar look to leather, but provides some cost savings which makes this popular for price point footwear.

Contact Trendware Marketing for more info:
NW Booth: 302, 304, 306, 308
NE Booth: 500, 502, 504, 506
We are a suede and leather tannery GOLD RATED, based in Mexico, we export to 8 countries, our products are for Shoes, upholstery, belts, hats.
NW Booth: 2018
NE Booth: 619
Jerel Samuel
The name Bentex has been in the textile industry for close to three decades. It was established in June 1990 by a group of individuals keen to make a difference in the textile industry. “Innovation” has always been at the heart of Bentex. We have never shied away from investing time, energy and resources into developing new and innovative products. We regularly invest in new and updated machinery to ensure quality control. Bentex also has its very own, in house testing lab replete with all the necessary testing equipment. This is to ensure a timely delivery of all materials as well as test reports alongside them. Before the materials are shipped, an extensive quality and color check is conducted and only then are the goods shipped.
Bentex manufactures all kinds of materials such as functional fabrics, technical fabrics, eco-friendly fabrics, special fabrics and special technical processes. From the very beginning we have always endeavored to follow the subsequent principles: superior quality, excellent service, professionalism and innovation. Providing our customers with the best product at the best price has always been our motto. Our outstanding team works in sync to ensure that the customer’s needs are dealt in a swift, competent and well organized way.
NW Booth: 700
NE Booth: 209
Nina Terzian
Lightweight Nylons and Polys for Activewear and Outerwear. Coatings, Performance Finishes, Printing and Recycle polyesters and Nylons.

Innovation and technologies

Final product
Active sport

Production Volumes
More than 500m
Export zone
North America
South America
NE Booth: 112
Alex Yoon
BuKwang Textile Co.,LTD. (Korea HQ & Plant) and PT. BuKwang Textile Indonesia have been an innovative global leader in textile – knit manufacturing across multiple industries for over 27 years. Our best-in-class R&D capabilities range from innovating the upmost technical fabrics used in electronics, automotive and health care industries, to the hottest lifestyle and performance fabrics used in both footwear and apparel products. BuKwang's vertically integrated textile-manufacturing ranges from warping.
NW Booth: 610, 612
NE Booth: 311
Benny Ng
Buwei Leather Co. Ltd. have tanneries in China and Vietnam.
Both tanneries are LWG Gold Rated.
We are specialized in the production of different kinds of split leathers and different styles of suede articles:
water-proof, oil free, metal free, chrome free, ultra thin super soft, multi-functional eco-friendly suede,
innovative and substainable articles!!
NW Booth: 219
NE Booth: 308
Phil Goldberg
Founded in 1981, Cauchos Arnedo is leader in manufacturing multi-colored rubber soles.
Unique technology manufacturing bicolor soles using special molds. We specialize ourselves on special
multicolor soles.

Cauchos Arnedo has developed Formula Natural which is eco-friendly and compound with 80% natural
rubber, obtaining: Maximum comfort, Greater grip & absorbing shock.

Please visit us to discuss our latest compound HELSE, or learn more about our FSC Certified Rubber!

Contact Trendware Marketing for more info:
NW Booth: 302, 304, 306, 308
NE Booth: 500, 502, 504, 506
Johnny Shih
Chaei Hsin TPU is a non-toxic and environmental material. TPU is a polymer elastic material with high abrasion, tensile, and temperature resistant without crack. Chaei Hsin TPU is suitable to apply on shoes, sport gears, apparels, medicals, bags, float toys, climbing gears, and bicycle equipment.
NW Booth: 212
NE Booth: 317
Cyndi Wu
+886-47559771 ext:234
1. Main Business : Shoes Lace, Webbing, Elastic Strap.
2. Business Partner : DC,WOLVERINE group, ASICS, NIKE, Converse, Adidas-Reebok, New
Balance, PUMA, K-Swiss, Skechers, VANs, Rockport,
Timberland….and els.
3. Location : Taiwan Head Quarter, Chen Tai Lace Co., Ltd
China Factory , Yue Chang Woven Tapes
Vietnam Factory , Chen Tai (Vietnam) Woven Tapes.
Indonesia Factory , PT. Chen Tai Indonesia Woven Tapes
Cambodia Factory , Under Register
4. Global Employee : Taiwan, 52 , Head-Quarter , Innovation & Production
China, 382 , China Production Base , Dev. & Production
Vietnam, 530 , Vietnam Production Base , Dev. & Production
Indonesia, ,PENDING .
Cambodia, N/A, Cambodia production base, Dev & Production.
NW Booth: 210
NE Booth: 416
Nick Kamali
Chengfeng leather is a LWG certified Gold tannery in Fujian China. Operating 2 tanneries, 3 million sq. ft. capacity, producing cowhide, cow suede, recycled leather and buffalo leather. Our recycled series is Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certified. No MOQ.

Represented by NAT Leathers- Nick Kamali ,
NW Booth: 206
NE Booth: 108
Tim Berglund
Clarino introduced microfiber to footwear in the 1960s.
Clarino, a division of Kuraray Co., Ltd. is a global leader in the manufacture of non-woven microfiber material, and continues to be the leading innovator in the production of synthetic leather.

Clarino™ materials have a wide variety of applications that include athletic and casual footwear, apparel, sports balls and gloves, furniture, and automotive interiors.

An extensive background in chemicals from Kuraray (our parent company), allowed us to build a range of microfibers that quickly became regarded as a top performing material in the footwear industry.

Decades later, Clarino continues to push the envelop of innovation and technology, always staying true to their Japanese manufacturing roots and providing a consistently premium product.
NW Booth: 717, 719
NE Booth: 300
Darryl Swanner
Coats is the world’s leading industrial thread company. Coats’ pioneering history and innovative culture ensure the Company leads the way around the world in sutainable products and practices. We provide complementary and value-adding products, services and software solutions to the Apparel & Footwear (A&F) industries. We apply innovative techniques to develop sustainable technology in threads, yarns, zippers, trims and fabrics in apparel and footwear applications.
NW Booth: 311
NE Booth: 311
Karen Dinnel
37.5® Technology materials are used in outdoor gear, sports apparel, designer clothing, workwear, police
and military uniforms, footwear and sleep systems designed to manage and maintain our optimal core
temperature and relative humidity level. It was created by Cocona Inc., a world leader in the development,
commercialization and marketing of active particle technologies. The company is headquartered in
Boulder, Colorado.
NW Booth: 900
NE Booth: 88
Jacob Torres
The Guanajuato World Trade Commission helps Mexican companies to find Exporta markets and help Foreign Companies / Brands with Free "Pre" Sourcing and Business Matchmaking Services in order to find the right partners both sides
NE Booth: 89
Skilled mens who work with great harmony in a place of continuos innolvation; this is our business.
Here our philosophy of innovative quality takes shapes.

Each person who works in our tannery shared Vicenza pelli’s goal: make products more and more technically advanced, which are an expression of quality, beauty and the new! Thanks to the strong sinergy of our team works, we can achieve in every piece this precious goal!
The handcraft experience, result of a long family tradition, combined with the choice of using only the latest technology… everything helps us to overcome the limits of the material we use.
HORSY is the result which best rewards our efforts.
thanks to this product, “cavallini” doesn’t stop to the more traditional uses, but manages to express its great imagination and versatility in most different areas, from shoes to leathergoods, from clothing to upholstery.
NW Booth: 807
NE Booth: 510
Phil Goldberg
Supplying the footwear industry with the highest quality hardware, Metal Hardware, Nylon Hardware, PC Hardware of all types. Specializing in all the major Footwear categories: Athletic, Outdoor, Casual, Work, and many fashion brands.

Let Dae Sung design and create all your hardware needs: Hooks, Eyelets, Lacers, D-Rings, Logo Designs, Stitch-in hardware, Buckles, Fancy Ornaments and more!

Contact Trendware Marketing for more info:
NW Booth: 302, 304, 306, 308
NE Booth: 500, 502, 504, 506
Eric Kang
Dae Young textile was found in 1997 and started the first business with Reebok in 2003. then we cooperated with adidas form the production in 2007. until 2011 we have obtained the iso 14001 approval and our business was not only limited in providing production service but started to established our own develop center. and now according to the growth and experience our business has expanded to 3 countries in the Asian area, in 2019 our Indonesia factory launched in and put in to production officially, and then year 2020 our Vietnam factory started production from dyeing and to keep a closer relationship with customers, we are building our own innovation center. we really hope to realize a new cooperation model with the brand through our creation and innovation center where designers from all over the world gathered. we could have direct communication with customers by sharing our design ideas and get the on-time feedback from as well. this form of cooperation can greatly shorten lead time and maximize benefits for both side. Dae young does not enter just as a supplier but committed to creating a cooperation circle by our creation & innovation center and our excellent one stop shop service. this is an effective way to maximize benefits for all three parties.
NW Booth: 309
NE Booth: 501
Lui Ryu
We are a textile supplier specialized in the footwear market.
Daerim provides warp and weft textiles such as tricot, double raschel and jacquard.
Our team dedicates to maintaining consistency and giving customer satisfaction.
We will be a company that makes trust for a better future.
NW Booth: 315
NE Booth: 507
Katherine May
With 75 years of chemical engineering and foam manufacturing experience, Dahsheng (DSC) is a foam manufacturing company that helps global brands create amazing footwear experiences by engineering superior performance foam solution.

Product focus:
– Foam roll goods
– Footwear components: Footbed, Upper, Midsole, Outsole
– Sports protection padding accessories
NW Booth: 806, 808
NE Booth: 307
Wayne Lin
As before
NW Booth: 720
NE Booth: 313
Yafang Li
+49 4202 9900
With more than 75 years’ experience, DESMA is a technology leader for the global footwear industry and provides the highest quality equipment and services for automated shoe manufacturing. Located in Germany, DESMA supplies direct soling machines, machines for unit soles and PU boots, as well as high-precision moulds and automation systems at highest level, to footwear manufacturers worldwide.

DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH was founded in Achim in the north of Germany in 1946. With a staff of more than 200, it designs, manufactures, and globally distributes production plants and machinery for industrial footwear production. The core technology is automation and direct soling, a process in which the sole is automatically generated underneath the pre-produced upper. Automation technology is a growth sector for the company. Well-known brands rely on DESMA technology. produce successfully with proven machines and systems from DESMA. Each unit from DESMA is a specially designed model. 90 per cent are exported to destinations on every continent.
NW Booth: 909
NE Booth: 409
NW Booth: 114
NE Booth: 313
Phil Goldberg
Dolphins Weaving specializes in custom development Shoelaces, Webbing, Gore & Elastic Products.
Offering a wide variety of Eco-Friendly and special finish products that can be incorporated into any of
our materials such as Organic Cotton, Recycled PET, Tencel, Etc.

Let our team assist with any customization need to give you a unique, high-quality product!
NW Booth: 302, 304, 306, 308
NE Booth: 500, 502, 504, 506
Jeff Yoo
Dong Son Textile is one of leading manufacturers and we are doing business with major footwear brands. Our factories located in Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam and are producing for Air mesh, Knit and Woven as well.

We are providing individual development to Brands and specific categories, we are convinced that this will be very helpful to your development and we hope to experience our good quality development service.

Dong Son Textile
NE Booth: 215
Mark Wu
Founded in 1996, through more than 20 years’ operation and development, BOYI now has grown into a leading enterprise in the domestic special fabric subdivision industry integrating product R & D, supply chain management, production and processing and customer service. We supply global brands of footwear, bags and clothing with professional and comprehensive services of innovation, fashion and high-quality fabrics. We invested and established a R & D center as well as weaving factory in Zhejiang in 2020. Our fabric testing laboratory has passed the third party SATRA & Intertek’s verification. BOYI serves more than 200 well-known brands from home and abroad, and has been rated as excellent supplier by them for many years. We have won the long-term recognition and support from customers due to our concept of professional comprehensive service, continuous improvement of manufacturing technology and R & D capability, and of emphasis on interactive R & D with brands on new development. We’re a highly competitive, innovative and professional textile supplier for branded customers of footwear,bags and clothes.
NW Booth: 222
NE Booth: 104
Founded in 1996, through more than 20 years’ operation and development, BOYI now has grown into a leading enterprise in the domestic special fabric subdivision industry integrating product R & D, supply chain management, production and processing and customer service. We supply global brands of footwear, bags and clothing with professional and comprehensive services of innovation, fashion and high-quality fabrics. We invested and established a R & D center as well as weaving factory in Zhejiang in 2020. Our fabric testing laboratory has passed the third party SATRA & Intertek’s verification. BOYI serves more than 200 well-known brands from home and abroad, and has been rated as excellent supplier by them for many years. We have won the long-term recognition and support from customers due to our concept of professional comprehensive service, continuous improvement of manufacturing technology and R & D capability, and of emphasis on interactive R & D with brands on new development. We’re a highly competitive, innovative and professional textile supplier for branded customers of footwear,bags and clothes.
NW Booth: 705
NE Booth: 104
Katharine Zeng
QINGXIN is a specialized shoes material company which are professional on material design, R&D, producing and sales in footwear area. also QINGXIN is the first company obtained GRS certification in South of China, combined the fashion trend and brands needed, we equiped with a strong R&D team,collecting the most pupular elements from fashion city like London, Paris, Milan,New York,Tokyo… etc, presenting more than 4000 styles of flyknit uppers, including Mens, Ladies, Kids with different casual and fashion styles.with sales performace thriving, we produced nearly 3 million pairs of recycable flyknit shoe uppers in 2019, which get a great praise and nice feedback from our partner and customer.
NW Booth: 916
NE Booth: 120
Chili He
Company profile: Specialized in Jacquard, engineered mesh and lining
NW Booth: 910, 912
NE Booth: 414
Memory He
Since establish in 2003 ,Daqun textile had conducted a
series of major investment in the whole textile supply
chain,keep improving its standard of software and
Now the group is able to do yarn-spun,weaving &
knitting,dyeing & setting as well as a series of post
treatment on fabrics.
The company specialized in producing :
Warp knitting products-Engineer mesh,Jacquard etc.
Circular knitting products-lining,jersey,CK mesh,terry
etc. Engineered woven jacquard upper,mesh,etc.
Based on the supply chain advantage of domestic market,the group offer brand coordination service in North
American market ,to achieve the brand’s vision on
creative design ,the group also set up factory in Vietnam
to work closely with shoe factory.
The group have obtained certification or membership
includes ISO9001,ISO14001,GRS,ICS,IPE,SATRA .
Think global,act local,Daqun will continue to chase the
new top of the whole footwear fabrics industry.
NW Booth: 910
NE Booth: 414
Liu Victor
0086 18938166208
Honest leathers is a company specialized in natural leather, the company started the business in 2002, it’s tannery was founded in 2004 which is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong province, south of China, it has three cooperating tanneries: one is in Guangdong China (LWG Gold rated),other two are in Chennai India (one is LWG Gold rated, another is LWG Bronze rated).
Since its inception, already built long-term partnership with the famous brands and raw material suppliers. After years of development, the company has created a wealth of experience in sales, after-sales service team and raw material sourcing chain. Manufacturers, Brands and Suppliers are in the formation of a very high reputation.

– Quality: always respect the request of Brand and shoe factory, continue to improve the quality of the product from both sides of selection and article;
– Delivery: sample delivery is less than 14 days, production delivery is well controlled within 30-35 days.
– Service: quick response and quick settlement.

Sheep, Goat and Cow/Calf from USA,New Zealand,India and Bangladesh, main types of our finished leather:
– Sheep: Aniline, Semi-aniline, Burnishable, Foil and wrinkle patent
– Kid and Goat: Kid Nappa,Glazed Kid, Patent Goat, Foil, Waxy and oily, Burnishable
– Cow/Calf: Full Chrome, Semi Veg., Full Veg.(flat,natural milled and emboss articles) Box,Patent, Mirror, Foil and Burnishable
NW Booth: 802
NE Booth: 304
Lester Lin
Dongguan Kaili Shoe Material Technology Co.,ltd focus on variety material such as PU synthetic, TPU film, Microfiber. Except the strength on supplying traditional shoe material, we also focus on the innovation on new material of performance and sustainable.
NW Booth: 1005
NE Booth: 219
Charles Wei
Yucheng is a large enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales, founded in June 2003,
headquarter located in Houjie Down, Dongguan city which with economic prosperity, convenient
transportation and logistics.

Vietnam YuCheng Facility started preparation in 2019, open for trial production in June 2021,
which is approximately 10,000 sq.meters located in Binh Phuoc Province, South Vietnam.

Main business: PU synthetic leather, microfiber, TPU and sustainable products, which are widely
used in footwear, handbags, etc. Have gained long-term good cooperation relationships with
many premium brands worldwide.
NW Booth: 515
NE Booth: 614
Jack Sommers
Founded in 2004, our products include Knitting, Wovens and many recycled materials including Leather, Polyester, Nylon and Wool. We provide professional R&D in areas such as High-Tech printing, films, bronzing, wax fabric, flocking, etc for use in all kinds of shoes, bags, and furniture. We have an annual production capacity of 12 million meters.
NW Booth: 119
NE Booth: 124
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