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Camel Leather

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Dingzing Advanced Materials, Inc.

Dingzing specialize in advanced, high-quality technical films. Our films are used in all types of products and applications and can be customized to deliver the most effective solutions. Main Products - Hot melt / Adhesive films & Glue, PolyEther / PolyEster TPU flims, Aliphatic /non-yellowing TPU (films / hot melt films), 100% Recycled TPU , [...]

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A global leader in microfiber, Clarino® features a selection of premium suede and leather finishes that will elevate and add originality to your product. Clarino is crafted in innovation, sustainability and performance. Ideal for: Statement level product Sustainability initiatives Performance leather applications Advanced design & manufacturing processes

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Bontex, the industry leader in the supply of high quality innovative insole products and lining materials. Bontex has produced cellulose insole products for over 50 years and has now added high quality nonwoven insole materials. Bontex has a full range of Cellulose, Nonwoven strobel and Non-woven board lasting products that are designed to address the [...]

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Baiksan Co., LTD

Baiksan, first established in 1984 in Korea, is a top leader in synthetic leather across footwear and other mass manufacturing industries. Baiksan has since expanded to many sample/production locations across Asia (China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia), and also has established a US Sales office. Baiksan is notable for L4L (local for local), support and capacity, timely [...]

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3M Protective Materials

3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material is a pioneer in developing the science behind retroreflection and has been advancing the technology in new and groundbreaking ways for over 70 years. We continue to make advancements in reflective material innovations and play a longstanding role in active/lifestyle visibility and brand enhancement. Our products are proven to be bright, [...]

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